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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little shopping update

And some layouts coming tomorrow!! :)

I spent most of the day today running around town shopping. I went to ToysRUs, Walgreens, CVS, Target and Publix. In about 3 hours, I spent $72.77 on a total retail cost of $213.56 - I saved $140.79 or 66%!!!!!

Some of my favorite deals:

ToysRUs has buy 2 Trio sets, get 1 free. There are 3 sets priced at $14.98 each. I bought 3 and used 3-$5 coupons to get 3 for $14.98 - the regular cost of 1! More ToysRUs deals and a link to the coupon can be found here. I'm really psyched about this because Alexa has a million birthday parties to go to - these are a really nice gift (and I got them really cheap!!).

AirWick Compact iMotion - retails for $7.99, I got it FREE at Walgreens! More info about this deal is here.

Glade Sense and Spray starter kit - retails for $9.99, I got it for $1 at CVS, plus it qualifies for the current SC Johnson rebate so it ends up being a moneymaker. I have one of these in my master bath now and I just love it. More info on this deal is here.

Chex Mix FREE at Target by price matching our local Walgreens - advertised at 2/$3, and using both manufacturer's and Target coupons (gotta love that stack).

Fast Fixin' Popcorn Chicken at Publix - these are usually $5.99 and my kids go nuts over them. They're BOGO at Publix this week, plus I had $1 off coupons, so I got 6 bags for $2 each. Such a deal.

CoffeeMate liquid creamer at Publix - oh.....yummmm because all are included, INCLUDING Pumpkin Spice.....they're on sale at Publix this week 4/$6, plus I had $1.50/2 coupons from here, so I got 4 for 75 cents each....

Kelleigh is right when she says this is a sickness. I already have my Publix trip planned for the weekend and I'm going to be swinging by Albertsons for some great produce deals, too. YIPPEE!

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Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Ah, yes. It's a sickness. I bought a TON of Halloween candy (maybe $40 worth) for less than $15 today. Nice. I plan to go to Target this weekend (hopefully!) to grab some Skippy and Chex Mix! AND, I can't wait to buy bread at Safeway this weekend!! All very exciting!