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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's another blog hop-hop-hop!

I love Kelleigh Ratzlaff's blog hops because her creative team is truly amazing and I always get so much inspiration from seeing a bunch of work using her templates all in one day!

Want to play along with us? Visit all the hop stops (list is below the photo) and then go to Kelleigh's site to cast your vote for your favorite project via the comments.

Here's my project using the Clover Box Template Set and digital papers from Sweet Shoppe Designs designer contributions to the January 2010 Digi Files.

You're here ----> Tracy -
Sally -
Laura -
Juli -
Julie -
Christy -
LuAnn -
Jacinda -
Viva -
Dalis -
Holly -
Sharyn -
Karen Lewis -
Linda -
Alice -
Mel -
Sunghee -
Carolina -
Debbie -
Kim -

Have fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy New Releases

It's new release day again at The Digichick - 20% off all new releases! There's so much fantastic eye candy in the store today - unreal! Here are a few layouts I created - credits under each. Enjoy!
Credits: Fru Fru by Mari Koegelenberg and Jan Hosford

Credits: I Love the Music by Anja J.

Credits: Spring '10 by Karla Dudley Designs

Friday, March 19, 2010

A layout do-over

Usually, you see do-overs of old layouts. I decided to do-over one I did just earlier this week!

Many people will tell you they scrapbook to preserve their family memories, or to give future generations a glimpse at what their lives were like "way back when." My reasons are much more selfish - creating layouts is my passion. It gives me an outlet for my artistic side that is chained behind a desk job all day. Given that, I tend to focus on the visual aspects of layouts and I often neglect to tell the story.

I was thinking today about what a difficult stage Alexa is going through - doing things that she has been told over and over not to do. We were actually getting really concerned but after a bunch of research, we think it's just an appropriate developmental stage. I wanted to get this down on paper, so I took a layout that I did for one of my creative teams (Mari Koegelenberg's), refreshed the photo with something more recent, and added a bunch of journaling. Here's the before and after:

I'm really pleased with the change!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creativity continues....

Today is new release day at The Digichick with LOTS of yummy stuff!! :) Here are a couple layouts I created (credits under each):

Credits: Kelly Girl by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, Kelley Mickus and Kellie Mize and Fuss Free, Set 2 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

Credits: I Luv U by Mari Koegelenberg Creations

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rite Aid Score - including details!!

Retail cost = $140.75

Total paid = $0.39 (OOP was $29.39 and I'll get a check back for $29.00)
Savings = 99.7%
Note: I did pay an additional $1.71 total in tax, but since PA charges tax AFTER coupons, if I hadn't used any my total tax would have been $6.54. More savings. WOO HOO!

Interested in the breakdown? It's under the (crappy, sorry) photo.

Transaction 1
2 John Frieda shampoos/1 conditioner @ 3/$15 = $15
used 3 - $3/1 coupons
used 1 - $1/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
used 1 - $3 off when you spend $15 Rite Aid coupon
OOP = $2.00, get back $5.00 single check rebate #41
Total for transaction = $3.00 money maker

Transaction 2
2 Biore pore strips and 2 Biore cleansers @ 3/$15 = $20
used 2 - buy pore strips get cleansers free coupons
used 1 - $1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
used 1 - $5 off when you spend $20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
OOP = $4.00, get back $5.00 single check rebate #41
Total for transaction = $1.00 money maker

Transaction 3
2 Gillette deodorants @2/$8
2 Gillette body washes @$4.99 ea = $9.98
used 2 - buy deodorant get body wash free coupons
used 2-$1/1 deodorant coupons
used 1 - $3 off when you spend $15 Rite Aid coupon
OOP = $3.00, get back $2.00 single check rebate #34
Total for transaction = $1.00

Transaction 4
6 Covergirl cosmetics B1G1 free @$6.99ea = $20.97 (3 free in Rite Aid sale)
1 Pampers jumbo pack @$9.99
2 Kashi cereals @2/$4.88
used 3 B1G1free Covergirl coupons
used 1-$2/1 Pampers coupon
used 1 - free Kashi coupon (Vocalpoint)
used 1 - $1.50/1 Kashi coupon
used 1 - $5 off when you spend $25 Rite Aid coupon
OOP = $3.93
Total for transaction = $3.93
(note - all the Covergirl was totally free, since PA charges tax AFTER coupons)

Transaction 5
1 Metamucil @$9.99
1 Vicks Nyquil @$4.99
1 Oral-B Cross Action Power Toothbrush @$5.99
1 Pampers jumbo pack @$9.99
used 1-$3/1 Metamucil coupon
used 1-$1.50/1 Vicks coupon
used 1-$3/1 Oral B coupon
used 1-$2/1 Pampers coupon
used 1 - $5 off when you spend $25 Rite Aid coupon
OOP = $16.46, get back single check rebates #13 for $5.00, #19 for $2.00, #18 for $10.00
Total for transaction = $0.54 money maker


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My dirty little secret

Ok, you hard core couponers. You're going to want to sit down for this one. Ready? I DON'T BUY THE SUNDAY PAPER. Not one copy.

For those of you new to couponing, most of the experts recommend that you buy 4-8 copies of the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts. Since I don't, you might be wondering how I am able to take advantage of many of the deals that are out there. It's simple - I use a coupon clipping service - basically I pay them to clip the coupons for me, and I only order the coupons I need.

I check out all the deals for the week on Saturday and Sunday, and I always place my order on Monday morning and plan to use those coupons to shop on Friday. I typically spend $4-$5 a week on the coupons, which is about what I would spend on the papers. In addition:
1. I don't have to take the time to cut the coupons myself.
2. I don't have to take the time to keep them all organized and filed.
3. I don't have to continue to sort through my filed coupons to remove those that are expired.
4. If there is a great stock up sale on, I don't have to hope that I bought enough papers to really take advantage of it!

Every service I've run across makes their revenue by charging a "clipping fee" for every coupon you order, usually based on the face value of the coupon. There is some "fine print" you need to be aware of when using a service. First, there is typically a minimum dollar order (usually around $4). In addition, there is sometimes a minimum or maximum of each coupon you need to buy (this actually doesn't happen very often, but I do occasionally run across a minimum of 2 or 3 of a coupon, and a maximum of 5 or 10). Shipping speeds vary, as does the selection of coupons available.

Two services I use regularly are The Coupon Clippers (fast shipping but selection is limited in some cases) and Coupon Clipping Crew (slower shipping but very wide selection). I've had great luck with both of them, but as always in couponing, YMMV (your mileage may vary)!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Really on a roll

I've been scrapping a ton lately and I wanted to share these layouts with new releases from The Digichick! Credits under each.

Credits: Rough and Tumble by Jennifer Fox, and Stacked, Yo and Last Warning Alpha by simply.scraps

Credits: Daisy Crazy by Madame Wing and Trixie Scraps

Credits: Bella Parete #1 and a bazillion other things by Roben-Marie Designs

I've been scrapping a ton lately and I wanted to share these layouts with new releases from The Digichick! Credits under each.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to Coupons!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a coupon brag – while we were in transition from FL to PA, I just couldn’t get it together enough to buy newspapers, clip coupons and plan deals. It’s a good thing we were all stocked up and didn’t have to buy much in January! But I’m back on the wagon and I had a GREAT trip to Target today. I am a bit depressed because the closest Super Target is 90 miles away and I have to make due with the regular store. Sigh. Details are under the photo.

Here’s the breakdown:
4 boxes Kashi cereal price cut to $2.88 – 4-$1.50 manufacturer Qs = $5.52 (note - $1.38 a box is more than I usually pay for cereal, but it’s KASHI!)

5 boxes of Kashi granola bars price cut to $2.59 – 2-$1.50/2 manufacturer Qs – Target promo buy 4 get 1 free = $7.36 (another note - $1.47 a box isn’t a great price for granola bars, but again – KASHI!)

1 box Kellogg’s Clever Kids fruit snacks $2.19 - $1.50 Vocalpoint Q = 69c

2 DelMonte Fruit Chillers on a price cut for $2.01 (tubes) and $1.83 (cups): bought one of each – 2-$1 manufacturer Qs = $1.84 or 92c each

5lb bag of Gold Medal flour $2.44 – 75c manufacturer Q = $1.69 (really needed it)

1 box Smucker’s Uncrustables on a price cut for $2.04 - $1 manufacturer Q = $1.04 (my daughter loves the cheese variety and I figure 26 cents for a little sandwich is reasonable)

1 pkg shredded Kraft Cheddar $2.34 - $1 Target mobile Q = $1.34 (needed it)

And here’s the best: 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner refills (yes, I really use the stuff) @$4.14 ea or $8.28 - $1.50/2 manufacturer Q - $1.50/2 Target Q – B1G1 free manufacturer Q ($4.14) = $1.14 or 57c each! WOO HOO!

No coupons: Country Crock spreadable sticks ($1.04 for 4), Market Pantry frozen mixed veggies (92c) and Market Pantry bagels ($1.24)

And I had a $5 Target gift card from last week, so that came off my total, too! YAY!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bursts of Creativity

Finally - I'm feeling settled in our new house and in my new job. Have I mentioned yet how much I love it here??? I finally got my scrap room unpacked (it was the last thing to get unpacked except for the basement and garage) and got a huge burst of creativity as a result. Here are few recent layouts - I'm going to be lazy and not link up the credits, but you can find everything at The Digichick.

Credits: Autumn Spice by Elise Hansen and Madame Wing, Layer it On Volume 1 by Lil Digi Bits by Jude

Credits: Love Me Do by Elise Hansen

Credits: Groupies by simply.scraps Designs, and Warm Winter Wishes by Nikki Epperson and Jennifer Fox

Credits: Share the Moments by Danielle Engebretson, Template Craze Vol 7 by Mikkel Paige and flowers from Mari Koegelenberg's February 2010 grab bag.

Credits: Storytime collab between Lil Digi Bits by Jude, Sarah Bennett and Stacy's Back Door Designs