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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to Coupons!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a coupon brag – while we were in transition from FL to PA, I just couldn’t get it together enough to buy newspapers, clip coupons and plan deals. It’s a good thing we were all stocked up and didn’t have to buy much in January! But I’m back on the wagon and I had a GREAT trip to Target today. I am a bit depressed because the closest Super Target is 90 miles away and I have to make due with the regular store. Sigh. Details are under the photo.

Here’s the breakdown:
4 boxes Kashi cereal price cut to $2.88 – 4-$1.50 manufacturer Qs = $5.52 (note - $1.38 a box is more than I usually pay for cereal, but it’s KASHI!)

5 boxes of Kashi granola bars price cut to $2.59 – 2-$1.50/2 manufacturer Qs – Target promo buy 4 get 1 free = $7.36 (another note - $1.47 a box isn’t a great price for granola bars, but again – KASHI!)

1 box Kellogg’s Clever Kids fruit snacks $2.19 - $1.50 Vocalpoint Q = 69c

2 DelMonte Fruit Chillers on a price cut for $2.01 (tubes) and $1.83 (cups): bought one of each – 2-$1 manufacturer Qs = $1.84 or 92c each

5lb bag of Gold Medal flour $2.44 – 75c manufacturer Q = $1.69 (really needed it)

1 box Smucker’s Uncrustables on a price cut for $2.04 - $1 manufacturer Q = $1.04 (my daughter loves the cheese variety and I figure 26 cents for a little sandwich is reasonable)

1 pkg shredded Kraft Cheddar $2.34 - $1 Target mobile Q = $1.34 (needed it)

And here’s the best: 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner refills (yes, I really use the stuff) @$4.14 ea or $8.28 - $1.50/2 manufacturer Q - $1.50/2 Target Q – B1G1 free manufacturer Q ($4.14) = $1.14 or 57c each! WOO HOO!

No coupons: Country Crock spreadable sticks ($1.04 for 4), Market Pantry frozen mixed veggies (92c) and Market Pantry bagels ($1.24)

And I had a $5 Target gift card from last week, so that came off my total, too! YAY!


Kaesmom said...

Ok so the Kashi cereal --did this all come from a regular Target? Because for that price, I'll check to see if our local store marked them down. Dh really likes that cereal!!
Thanks for sharing your bargains. :)

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Yes - regular Target!! I think it's a national deal - some varieties marked down to $2.88!

Nadya 's World!!! said...

They Tracy!!! WOW! Awesome goodies!!! Nice prices... :) When you have a chance visit my blog I have something for you there... :)

amy said...

I think you moved close to me - I am in Lancaster. I understand that we are in line to get a Super Target but not for another year or two. Lancaster County is in the Philadelphia Target zone. That makes us one of the last stores in the zone. Figures! It took until 2005 to even get a Target.