Resistance is Futile by Tracy Kosofsky

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here are a few layouts I did this week. Credits under each!

Credits: Click by Kelley Mickus

Credits: Happy by Vera Lim

Credits: Destination by ViVa Artistry

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My laptop crashed (and some layouts)

I truly am obsessive backup girl. People (you know who you are) make fun of me because I am REALLY obsessive about it. HA! I have been vindicated! I lost my hard drive (actually I somehow lost the segment of my hard drive that contained the operating system) last Thursday and the ONLY items I didn’t have backed up were a couple layouts I had done between my Sunday backup and the crash. My super techno geeky husband was able to access those files through the DOS prompt and copy them over to my EHD, so I ended up losing nothing!

But…the saga continues. Not only was the hard drive shot, but the little connector thingy between the hard drive and the motherboard also needed to be replaced. This cheap but hard to come by wire thing had to be ordered from Dell and I got it yesterday, so I’m cookin’ with gas (BTW – I ADORE my laptop – a Dell Studio 1737 with a giant honkin’ screen and there is no way I wanted a new one. I know. Who am I and what have I done with Tracy?).

So anyhoo – here are a few layouts that I meant to post last week, plus one I did last night. As always, linked credits under each!


Credits: She's All That by Jennifer Labre

Credits: Chillin' & Grillin' by Chelle's Creations

Credits: Contemplation by Viva Artistry, August 2010 Grab Bag by Nikki Epperson

Credits: Daydreamer Kit, Dotty Papers and Necessary Neutrals Alpha, all by Danielle Engebretson

Credits: Bug Catcher, See Through You: Words, and Stitch Me Up: Frames, all by Chelle's Creations

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So exciting!

Four times a year, the Digichick designers release grab bags - a whole bunch of awesome goodies bundled together at great prices. August is one of those four times, and as you can see by the number of layouts I did using bags, I couldn't contain myself. SO MUCH GOODNESS and really, at great prices. Linked credits under each photo - hope you enjoy!
Credits: August 2010 Grab Bag - Summer Days: Noon Picnic and Carefree Afternoon by Mari Koegelenberg.

Credits: August 2010 Grab Bag by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, Celebrate! Brite by Chelle's Creations.

Credits: August 2o10 Classy Kid Grab Bag by Laura Banasiak.

Credits: August 2010 Template Grab Bag by Nikki Epperson, Lucky Scraps August Grab Bag by Karen Lewis

Credits: August 2010 Grab Bag by Susan Robinson, He Loves Me by Amanda Carlson