Resistance is Futile by Tracy Kosofsky

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is a squiggle really a shape?

I found this quiz on Lee's blog. Here is my result (I know, I know - too close for comfort!!):

You are a Squiggle
Squiggles are creative, witty, and impulsive. Squiggles are eccentric. Squiggles dont do well in a routine. The squiggle is the only pure right-brained thinker. Brain research states that only 12-15% of people are right brained thinkers, so fewer people are true squiggles than what is claimed. Squiggles get bored easily. The need challenges and freedom. Squiggles love to meet challenges because they enjoy peak experiences. Squiggles are random holistic. They not like to bother with details. Squiggles are the ones who ask why. They need to know the reason for things. They are a strong shape along with the triangle. Lots of squares are want to be squiggles. At work, you can recognize the squiggle as the person with the messy office. The squiggle lives in the future. A pure squiggle is as spontaneous as they are fickle. Squiggles are bright and having big ideas and big dreams to match. The squiggles motto is "To dream the impossible dream." Squiggles dont sweat things. Squiggles are the most likely shape to be in a supermarket at midnight. Squiggles are great to have as friends because they are so interesting. However dont count on a squiggle. Squiggles are dramatic, flamboyant, and the most likely to think of themselves as sexy! Meryl Streep and Mikhail Baryshnikov are squiggles.


Lee said...

Oooooh, good for you. I'd like to be a squiggle, but alas, I am a circle. But, you know, you are a squiggle, and it is indeed a shape :)

Lita said...

I'm a squiggle too and I had the same thought - can it really be a shape?! lol