Resistance is Futile by Tracy Kosofsky

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here Lizard Lizard Lizard....

Remember that Taco Bell commercial where the Chihuahua chases Godzilla saying, "Here, lizard lizard, lizard?" It's always struck me as hysterical. So when Alexa became obsessed with finding lizards on our trip to Aruba, it seemed to be the perfect title!

Credit for the background paper to Valerie Randall; layout completed for the October ad challenge at RAK Scraps.


~~Carrie Ann said...

I love this layout! So visually appealing! And I love the lizard title too. That commercial was funny!

Lizard hunting is a favorite past time of our family, also. I think they will be disappointed to find out that it's not so much fun in central PA! Are you scrapping while in Aruba?

Karen said... great is this?!? I love it!

clc said...

What a cute, fun layout!

Jayne said...

Great layout! My son is a lizard chaser too! :)