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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A non scrapbooking post (about fish)

I have MTS. On the tropical fish forum I visit, that stands for Multi Tank Syndrome. It's the uncontrollable urge to set up more and more tanks and get more and more fish. Right now, our main tank is a 55 gallon that has zebra danios, neon tetras, corydoras catfish, a few guppies and two bala sharks. The danios are so much fun to watch - they play chase and tag all the time, and the corys to me look and act like little puppies. We also have some baby guppies (guppy fry) growing out in a 5 gallon. We're going to let nature take its course from now on or we are going to end up with hundreds of guppies!

We really, really want to set up another tank. A big one. We would leave the existing tank as a tetra/cory/guppy tank and add either another school of a different tetra species or a school of rainbow fish. The danios and balas would move to a new tank and we'd add a couple schools of barbs. I'd also like to add a couple gouramis and/or dwarf rams to one of the tanks.

This can rapidly become an expensive hobby. Almost as expensive as scrapbooking!!!!

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