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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

12 photos on the 12th

On one of my favorite scrapbooking sites (Scrapshare), one of my favorite scrappers is hosting a "12 photos on the 12th" challenge for each month in the year (I missed January). The thought behind it is to capture what your life is really like at least one day a month. What a brilliant idea! I am going to do a layout of this eventually for my Book of Me, but in the meantime I'm blogging it to share. Because it was a work/week day, I was just focused on getting it done, so none of the photos are masterpieces!

Photo 1: Unfortunately, my life is defined by the clock, which I HATE because I do not function well with schedules. In any case, these photos show four key times - when I woke up (7:10), when I finally stopped wasting time dilly dallying and left for work (8:22), when I finally got to work after getting stopped a few times by people while I was on the way to my office (8:55 - but notice that I had already been on a conference call for almost half an hour while driving!), and what time I went to sleep (11:37). That's late for me, but on Tuesday nights Adam and I watch a couple shows (more about that later) and we had to catch up with the second via TiVo because they ran at the same time, for two hours each.

Photo 2: The primary reason it takes me forever to get out the door - messing around on my computer while drinking coffee.

Photo 3: Alexa had climbed into bed with us at about 5am, so in this photo I'm waking her up (in MY bed) to get her ready for preschool - the second biggest reason it takes me so long to get out the door in the morning!

Photo 4: Here is my office, where I spend way too much time! At least I have a window. This is just a little corner of my desk.

Photo 5: My schedule for the day. 'Nuff said about work.

Photo 6: I'm home! This is the front entrance to my house. I got home at about 10 'til 6. Alexa opened the door for me and the dogs were jumping all over me to say hello, as usual!
Photo 7: Right before I walked in the door I took a photo of the sky - it was dreary and raining today, very unusual for February (where it's usually sunny this time of year).

Photo 8: I'm trying the low carb thing so dinner was a zucchini frittatta thingy and some sour cream. I had an Atkins bar for breakfast and some quiche and rolled up turkey for lunch.

Photo 9: Alexa was telling me about her preschool day while we were at dinner. In this photo, she is showing me what one of her friends taught her with her hands.

Photo 10: After dinner, Alexa and I went into the playroom/scraproom, and I worked on a layout as she played with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora playhouse.

Photo 11: Alexa snuggling on the couch as we get ready to sit down and watch some REALITY TV! At this point I feel compelled to mention that Alexa has been choosing her own sleeping attire and has decided to sleep in her regular clothes the last couple days. It's a battle we're not willing to fight.

Photo 12: What to choose??????? The Biggest Loser or American Idol? We are reality TV junkies, and Tuesdays are rough :). Right now, on Mondays we watch PrisonBreak, on Tuesdays The Biggest Loser, American Idol and House (me, not Adam) when it's on, there's usually a second installment of American Idol on Wednesdays, and Survivor on Thursdays, and I also watch Lost and Supernatural on Thursdays!

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoy this little snippet of my life!


Lee said...

Love it Tracy! Being buried in snow I'd settle for overcast any day ;)

Mike G said...

Haha you have the same laptop as me. Anyway cool blog. Would you mind checking mine out?