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Friday, February 1, 2008

I have entered the digital age!

I identify myself as a scrapbooker. But until a couple months ago, I was all about the paper, the flowers (mmmm....Primas), the brads and eyelets (love my Crop-o-Dile) - in general the touchy feely creative aspects of scrapbooking. I told myself over and over that I didn't want or need to try digital.

Um, yeah. That's pretty much over. I have entered the digital age with a bang. I went from manipulating photos to using existing elements and papers designed by others in the space of less than two months. And today, I designed my first kit!!!! Crazy.

Things I love about scrapping digitally:
1. I love being able to scrap any time, any where on my laptop
2. I love not having to even think about how to crop or size my photos until I'm actually working on the layout (no more print agonization)
3. I love not worrying AT ALL about the size or colors of the paper or embellishments until I'm working on the layout.
4. I love that except for my laptop, mouse, Wacom and external drive, there is no clutter or mess. Not to mention how easy it is to take my "supplies" to crops or retreats.
5. I love that I DON'T SPEND MONEY on foolish things that I might use 5 years from now (or not). The number of Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes I have filled with RAKS of stuff I just won't use is ridiculous.

I am going to upload a preview and links to the digital kit I created as soon as I figure out how. I welcome any feedback - the more honest and constructive the better!

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