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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer plans (SSD FOBTY 5/28)

Today's FOBTY challenge at SSD is to blog about your summer plans. Our B-I-G plan is to bring our baby boy home from Russia, which means 2 more trips to Moscow between now and hopefully the end of July. I am going to take some leave after we bring him home, so we will probably hang out in the pool and may take a short trip to visit my brother (in Virginia) and/or sister (in NY). Fortunately, it's so easy to find fun things to do around here - we live about 15 minutes from the beach, and have a pool in our backyard - and there are lots and lots of parks nearby!

It's going to be fun (and somewhat challenging) having a baby in the house again!

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Tara said...

How wonderfully exciting! Good luck!!