Resistance is Futile by Tracy Kosofsky

Friday, July 10, 2009

I do not recommend this

So, Adam and I are both pretty easy-going travelers. We've gotten stuck for all kinds of reasons in all kinds of places, domestic and international. You just kinda have to deal with it and not get stressed out. It helps to laugh. Even with that attitude, I DO NOT RECOMMEND being stuck in Moscow if your flight is canceled. Really. Truly. Get home as soon as you can - 9 hours on a Russian airline stuck in a middle seat would be better than our experience yesterday. Just a small taste of the fun - the hotel Delta booked us at had no hot water. No. hot. water. Delta. Booked us at a hotel that had no hot water (which by itself MIGHT have been funny, but along with all the other problems we had, was decidedly not).

I'm sitting in Atlanta right now, waiting to fly home. Delta is going to get a very nasty letter from me very soon. As soon as I recover from sleeping fewer than 4 hours in the last 40. The only small silver lining is that we didn't have kids with us on this trip. Because that would have been beyond nightmarish!!

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Brenda said...

Wouldn't it have been nice to have a kid with you on the way back? Not nice with all the delays, but nice as in your son would be home with you and you wouldn't have to go back again. :)