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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost ready

to hibernate!! I'm sure I've blogged about this before (probably like last week and my sieve of a mind has just forgotten), but there is something about fall that makes me want to cook, bake, and generally get ready to hibernate. Yesterday we went to our local farm stand (which is really more like a big farm store) and got our pumpkins, along with a bushel of apples. In case you don't know or you've forgotten (as I had - see the sieve comment), a bushel of apples is A LOT of apples.

We had a blast carving our pumpkins - although Owen really did not like the feel of the pumpkin guts. EWWWW!!! GROSS! was heard more than once. Here's a layout I did using Fall Whimsy by Jennifer Labre:

Then I made apple crisp, apple cake, apple pies and applesauce. Pies and sauce are in the freezer, but we're enjoying the crisp and cake! YUM!

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Pabby said...

Oh my. Owen is growing so fast and Alexa is looking so grown up! I love looking at your layouts and seeing your children grow.