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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to blogging!

Lots going on - not much time to blog!! We had a great time on Sunday celebrating Alexa's sixth birthday (coming up at the end of the month) and my nephew Collin's fourth birthday (was at the beginning of the month). It's so wonderful to be able to get the cousins together pretty much any weekend! Here's a layout I created of the joint cake!

Credits: Party! by Design by Heather T.

And here's a layout I created of one of my favorite photos from our wedding, just because I'm feeling all sappy towards Adam lately:
Credits: Sweet Innocence by Edeline Marta and Charlize Creations, and A Little Chaotic by Nikki Epperson

You can snag all these items for 20% off today - they're Digichick new releases!

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